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Our Work

Visual Development

pre production



2D Illustration


Ariel Yamus

Juan Manuel Tumburús



Production Manager

Luciana Roude

Project Manager

Mayra Guardia

Project Coordinator

Daiana Ferrari

Production Assistant

Fernando Tumburús

Loana Ferrero

Art Coordinator

Ariel Surijón

Mara Lombardi

Characters & Props Artist

Alesio Rossino

Julia Viola

Damian de Amicis

Matias Carrizo

Alesio Rossino

Prop Artist

Julieta Aguado

Patricio Juárez

Camila Gonzalez Molina

Lucas Quinteros

Irina Lescano

León Franchimont

Matias Carrizo

Andrea Moreno

Francisco Ochoa​

Background Artist

Azul Tamis Nolwe

Lucia Castez

Matias Vizioli

Ulises Diaz Lopez

Matias Carrizo

Graphic Designer

Francisco Ochoa

Asset Assistant

Patricio Juárez​

Lucas Quinteros

The stories in this universe span galaxies, planets, generations and are told from the perspective of the kids at the center of it all. The Space Hoppers series jets from the top-secret Three Moons scientific research station, to Singko Academy, the preeminent boarding school in the galaxy; from the dangerous trading bazaars on Gast to the idyllic suburb of Glen Valley, USA, and then back again. Space Hoppers is a collection of action-packed, intergalactic, sci-fi adventures told across phones and tablets, books, card games, board games, consoles and TVs.

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