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2D Cut out Animation


Juan Manuel Tumburús

Ariel Yamus


Lion Forge Animation

Production Manager

Luciana Roude

Line Producer

Daiana Ferrari

Project Managers

Karina Scuderi

Mayra Guardia

Martín Pigna

Production Assistant

Mariana Maresca

Gisela Gimenez

Chiara Pagliuca Bennetti

Martín Pigna

Characters Lead Coordination & Supervision

Melina Mautone

Character Artist

Julia Viola

Irina Lescano

Lucia Castez

Mara Lombardi

Santiago Lozano

Damian De Amicis

Sol Aspiroz

Ariadna Robles

Emanuel Isaurraulde

Abril Puente

Lucas Quinteros

Backgrounds Lead Coordination & Supervision

Ariel Surijon

Background Artist

Fernando Martinez Ruppel

Sebastian Barreiro

Sofia Ugarte

Azul Nolwe Tamis

Matias Vizioli

Matias Carrizo

Sol Aspiroz

Antonella Paola Pitti

Antonella Fant

Malena Zevallos

Asset Assistant

Patricio Juárez


Franco Spagnolo

Layout Director

Gaston Viñas

Layout and Animation Supervision

Ivan Greco

Animatic Producer

Daniela Scelsio

David Brum

Layout artists

Mauro Vargas

Leon Franchimont

Mariano Luengo

Florencia Barranuz

Ulises Díaz López

Victoria Farelli

Facundo Valsagna

Animatic Supervisor

Martin Lara


Mariana Diaz

Nicolas Saiff

Lucia Castez

Ismael Mon

Pablo Rago

Mike Owens


Bianca Duffeck

Rig library

Allan Sanches

Animation Supervision

Jose Maria Ferrucci

Gonzalo Azpiri

Mercedes Chibban

Sean Dowd


Sean Dowd

Constanza Penna

Mercedes Chibban

Allan Sanches

Eliana Miyuki

Denis Russo

Emerson Rodriguez

D Square Studio

Marmota Studio

Maneki Studio

Palermo Studio

Red Studio

The show touches on race, racism, and social justice with language and tools that make it easier for kids and adults to have these very important conversations, exercising acceptance and promoting a  healthy racial identity development. ‘Rise Up, Sing Out’ is already streaming on Disney Plus and the first episode was presented on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

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