© All assets were produced for Lion Forge Animation.

Our Work

visual development

Pre Production


2D Cut out Animation


Ariel Yamus

Juan Manuel Tumburús


Lion Forge Animation

Production Manager

Luciana Roude

Project Manager

Lucila Lehmann

Daiana Ferrari

Production Assistant

Gisela Gimenez

Fernando Tumburús

SB & Animatic Director

Gastón Viñas

SB & Animatic Coordinator

Iván Greco


Florencia Barranúz

Lucía Castes


Florencia Barranuz

Lucía Castez

Art Director

Juan Manuel Tumburús

Lead Characters

Melina Mautone


Julia Viola

Camila Gonzalez Molina

Mara Lombardi

Lucas Quinteros

Irina Lescano

Lead Backgrounds

Ariel Surijón

Backgrounds + Props

Matias Carrizo

Matias Vizioli

Azul Tamis Nolwe

Animation Supervision

Gaston Viñas

Iván Greco


Emilia Salvemini

Rough Animation

Lucia Castez

3D Modelling

Yaco Morrone

SB & Animatic

Artur costa

Assets Assistant​

Patricio Juárez

The idea of the project is based on creating educational content focusing on civil rights and leadership, performing arts, and science. We were tasked with introducing new characters to a selected group of really well-known and beloved shows such as Peppa Pig.

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